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Dr. Muhammad Syafrudin

NegaraSouth Korea

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Biografi Singkat

Muhammad Syafrudin is currently Assistant Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Dongguk University Seoul, Korea. He carries out research in IoT, information systems, data mining, and big data. Since 2014, he has been involved in several research and development (R&D) projects such as e-commerce, manufacturing, supply chain, health care, etc.

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Riwayat Pendidikan
Jenjang Institusi Fakultas/Bidang Tahun (mulai – selesai)
PHD Dongguk University Industrial and Systems Engineering 2014 – 2019
BS UIN Sunan Kalijaga Teknik Informatika 2009 – 2013
Riwayat Pekerjaan Formal
Institusi Posisi/Jabatan Tahun
Dongguk University Assistant Professor 2019 – present
Dongguk University Researcher 2014 – 2019
UIN Sunan Kalijaga Web Developer 2012 – 2014
UIN Sunan Kalijaga Teaching Assistant 2012 – 2013
Institusi Saat ini

Dongguk University

Bidang Ilmu

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Fokus Penelitian
  • Data mining
  • IoT
  • Information systems
  • Big data
  • Industrial AI
Judul Nama Jurnal Tahun
False Positive RFID Detection Using Classification Models Applied Sciences 2019
An Affordable Fast Early Warning System for Edge Computing in Assembly Line. Applied Sciences 2019
Customer Behavior Analysis using Real-time Data Processing: A Case Study of Digital Signage-based Online Stores Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics 2019
Performance Analysis of IoT-Based Sensor, Big Data Processing, and Machine Learning Model for Real-Time Monitoring System in Automotive Manufacturing Sensors 2018
Hybrid Prediction Model for Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension Using DBSCAN-Based Outlier Detection, Synthetic Minority Over Sampling Technique (SMOTE), and Random Forest Applied Sciences 2018
A Personalized Healthcare Monitoring System for Diabetic Patients by Utilizing BLE-Based Sensors and Real-Time Data Processing Sensors 2018
An Open Source-Based Real-Time Data Processing Architecture Framework for Manufacturing Sustainability Sustainability 2017
Real-Time Monitoring System Using Smartphone-Based Sensors and NoSQL Database for Perishable Supply Chain Sustainability 2017
Performance Analysis of a Forecasting Relocation Model for One-Way Carsharing Applied Sciences 2017