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Dr. Salahudin Muhidin


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Dr Muhidin holds a PhD Degree in Demography from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. He is currently a Senior Lecturer at Macquarie University, Sydney-Australia and also an Adjunct Researcher at Lembaga Demografi, Universitas Indonesia.

Dr Muhidin has a wide-ranging international experience, including placements in Europe (Groningen University and IIASA-Austria), North America (Brown University and University de Montreal), and Australia (University of Queensland and Macquarie University). He has actively been working on the study of population mobility issues and its consequences in different settings such as Asia (Indonesia), West Africa (Burkina Faso and Ghana) and Australia. One of his studies has been contributed to the background research papers for the 2009 Human Development Reports (UNDP) and for the 2018 Global Education Report (UNESCO). He also participates in numerous scientific forums including those of the Asian Population Association (APA), the Australian Population Association (APA), the Population Association of America (PAA) and International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP).

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Riwayat Pendidikan
Jenjang Institusi Fakultas/Bidang Tahun (mulai – selesai)
PhD University of Groningen Demography 1999-2002
Riwayat Pekerjaan Formal
Institusi Posisi/Jabatan Tahun
University of Queensland PostDoctoral Fellow 2006
Institusi Saat ini

Macquarie University

Posisi/Jabatan di Institusi (Lainnya)

Senior Lecturer

Bidang Ilmu

Demography and Management

Fokus Penelitian
  • Demography, Management
Judul Nama Jurnal Tahun
Parents’ healthcare-seeking behavior for their children among the climate-related displaced population of rural Bangladesh Social Science and Medicine 2019
Mapping schools’ NAPLAN results: a spatial inequality of school outcomes in Australia Geographical Research 2018
Local government and community leaders’ perspectives on child health and mortality and inequity issues in rural Eastern Indonesia Journal of Biosocial Science 2017
Towards a national standard for long service leave: Designing portable long service leave schemes Journal of Industrial Relations 2016
Advocate program of healthy traditional houses “Ume Kbubu” in Timor community Journal of Health Communication: International Perspective 2015
Inequity issues and mothers’ pregnancy, delivery and child survival experiences in Ende District, Indonesia Journal of Biosocial Science 2015
Daftar Hibah yang Diperoleh
Judul, role Tahun Jumlah Dana Pemberi Hibah
Analysis of Internal Migration and Education in Indonesia (Principal Investigator) 2017-2018 $10,000 UNESCO
Health program of Revolusi KIA (Maternal and Child Health) in NTT Province, Indonesia (Co-Principal Investigator) 2014-2015 $49,000 USAID
Community engagement in enhancing health development in NTT, Indonesia (Co-Principal Investigator) 2013-2014 $225,000 WHO
Cross-National Analysis of Internal Migration (Co-Principal Investigator) 2010 $10,000 UNDP
Anggota Asosiasi Profesional
Judul Tahun
International Union for the Scientific Study of Population Since 2002
Population Association of America Since 2003
Asian Population Association Since 2008
Australian Population Association Since 2006