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Markus Santoso holds a Ph.D. degree from Dongseo University, South Korea. His main research interests are Augmented and Virtual Reality, Wearable Technologies, NUI, UX/UI, and Serious-game Development. He graduated in 2013 and went to Erfurt, Germany to continue his research as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Fraunhofer IDMT under a funding scheme from the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM). To enter this fellowship program, Markus needed to compete with more than 300 PhDs worldwide; only 24 applications were approved. As an ERCIM fellow, Markus had the opportunity to visit other well-known European research institutes as research intern such as INRIA MimeTIC at Rennes-France with a focus on VR and at VTT in Espoo-Finland doing research in AR. After that, Markus conducted his 2nd postdoctoral with the LINDSAY Virtual Human Lab at the University of Calgary, Canada. He received an Eyes-high Postdoctoral fellowship and worked on the implementation of AR/MR for human anatomy illustration, medical education, and computational physiology. Markus also had several industrial experiences with AR/VR-related startup companies in various capacities such as Hololens Developer at Wellness Computation in Calgary, Canada and Head of Department of Licensing and Gamification Department at Octagon Studio. From Sept 2017 to July 2018, he worked as an Assistant Professor at Montclair State University and starting from July 2018 Markus joins University of Florida. Markus has various notable achievements such as 2nd and 3rd place at the SuperApp Korea 2012, a prestigious and competitive national mobile developer competition in South Korea. One of his Mobile AR Apps was selected as nominated for the Unity Developer Choice category at the Vuforia Vision Award 2015 by QUALCOMM. Markus also actively publishes his research at international conferences such as ACM SIGGRAPH Asia, VRIC Laval Virtual and others.

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Riwayat Pendidikan
Jenjang Institusi Fakultas/Bidang Tahun (mulai – selesai)
Ph.D Dongseo University Visual Contents 2011-2013
Riwayat Pekerjaan Formal
Institusi Posisi/Jabatan Tahun
Fraunhofer IDMT, Erfurt, Germany Postdoctoral Researcher 2014-2015
University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada Postdoctoral Researcher 2015-2017
Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ Assistant Professor 2017-2018
University of Florida Assistant Professor 2019-present
Institusi Saat ini

University of Florida

Bidang Ilmu

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Fokus Penelitian
  • Applied Research of Immersive Environment
  • AR/VR Application for Medical and Clinical Experiment
Judul Nama Jurnal Tahun
A Study on Visual Perturbations Effect on Balance in a VR Environment Cases on Immersive Virtual Reality Techniques 2019
VR Implementation as Visual Perturbations in Human Balance Distortion: A Pilot Study. IEEE The 2nd IFAC Conference on Cyber-Physical and Human Systems 2018
Center of Pressure Response to Visual Perturbations in Virtual Reality. The 42nd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Biomechanics (ASB 2018) 2018
Markerless Augmented Reality Technology for Real-space Basketball Simulation. 2018 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE) 2018
Holobody Galleries: Blending Augmented and Virtual Reality Displays of Human Anatomy. The 2016 IEEE Virtual Reality International Conference 2016